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Issuer Pay enables payment functionality in Issuer Android app for contactless payments (Tap & Pay). Issuer Pay allows to instantly issue digital Mastercard, Visa and Amex cards to the Issuer app. Digital cards are immediately ready for Tap & Pay payments without having to wait for arrival of a physical card. Issuer Pay supports biometry and face authentication for secure contactless payments.

Payment Networks

Payment networkAndroidiOS
MastercardSupported & CertifiedNot applicable
VisaSupported & CertifiedNot applicable
AmexSupported & CertifiedNot applicable


Requirements for devices to use Issuer Pay:

  • Android OS or HarmonyOS (Huawei)
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above
  • ARM-based processor architecture
  • NFC functionality (android.hardware.nfc)
  • HCE functionality (android.hardware.nfc.hce)
  • Not rooted, see Rooted errors
  • Internet connectiong during card digitization and replenishment

Issuer Pay runs Precondition checks when various SDK methods are called.

Key Technical Principles

  • MeaWallet Issuer Pay solution can be used for payments without the need for a Secure Element SE or a Trusted Execution Environment TEE.
  • A limited number of payment transaction credentials (Session Keys (SK) or Single Use Keys (SUK)) are downloaded to mobile device. Each downloaded payment transaction credential can be used once to perform a single transaction.
  • Once the remaining number of payment transaction credentials goes below a certain threshold (5 by default), additional keys are downloaded, so that the Issuer app can perform new transactions.
  • Contactless payments (Tap & Pay) are performed by tapping device on a point-of-sale POS terminal.