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MeaWallet provides Mea Service Portal (shortened MSP) – a web-based portal for managing tokens and token related services. MSP leverages the Mea Token Platform's Customer Service API; an API that provides connectivity to the relevant APIs of Amex Token Service, eftpos TSP, Mastercard MDES and Visa VTS. Mea Service Portal is built as a modular platform, where each user is assigned access to one or more specific applications. The following applications are available:

  • Dashboard - Landing page as a dashboard for other applications available to the user.

  • Token Management - Allows to browse and update tokens.

  • Reports - Charts, reports and other statistics available available to the customers.

  • Admin Console - User management for organization administrator in MSP.

    For more information about each application, what it does and how to use it, refer to each respective section.