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Token Aggregator

The Token Aggregator Module represnts an combination of both the PCI & Network Token offering. Due to different circumstances cards can sometimes not be able to be Network tokenized. The Token Aggregator will have the PCI Tokens as a fallback in case if the Network tokenization fails. This complexity will be dealt with in the backend therefore it ensures that the cardholder experience will not be disturbed. The Token Aggregator module will then subsequently in the background try to Network Tokenize the card again without involving the cardholder.

Benefits of Token Aggregator:

Getting Started

1. Contact MeaWallet and choose project structure

Contact us by sending an mail to to be connected to a sales representative to start the project with us. From there onwards you have to choose which project best aligns with your companies needs. Either use our existing connections with the schemes for a fast onboarding or start your own project and utilize us as your technical vendor.

2. Start developement with MeaWallet

After you have been in contact with Sales Representative and Pre-sale Engineer you can start the project of connecting with MeaWallet. You will be assigned an Implementation Specialist to assist you with any question that you might have during the implementation.

Use the Apiary documentation found here and connect with Merchant Tokenization API · Apiary

3. Testing

After developement has been finished the implementation needs to be tested. End-to-end testing will be performed to make sure that everything works as intended.

Depending on your project structure the testing process will vary.

4. Go Live

After all of tests have been passed you officially go live.