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Mea Merchant Tokenization platform (also referred to as Mea Merchant Tokenization or MMT platform) is a solution that enables the customer with a complete set of tokenization capabilities including PCI Tokenization and Network Tokenization services. This will allow the customer to tokenize any payment card in order to increase security and reduce risk related to storing, managing and processing sensitive card credentials.

The solution enables Network Tokenization from Visa and Mastercard (namely VTS for eCommerce and MDES for Merchants) with access to the complete range of tokenization and lifecycle services provided by the networks. This provides the Merchant/PSP the capability to process both one-time and recurring payments with tokenized PANs and dynamic cryptograms that holds EMV level standards for security.

The Mea Merchant Tokenization platform includes PCI Tokenization for Card-on-File that will ensure tokenization within requirements of PCI-DSS for all cards that are not eligible for Network Tokenization. The solution is built to seamlessly handle interoperability between PCI- and Network Tokenization which ensures a complete solution for card tokenization independent of the type and brand of the payment card. The PCI Tokenization module can be delivered with integrations to the networks' card update services in order to minimize the number of expired cards within the card storage and increase approval rates.

The service offering can be divided into four modules/areas; Network Tokenization, PCI Tokenization, SRC enablement and Value-Added Services (VAS) (see MMT Modules/Services below). The customer can choose to enable those modules/services of the platform that fits their business need and will be able to access these services through exposed APIs.

Mea Token Platform

MMT architecture diagram

Modules and Services

MMT - Network Tokenization (Token-on-File)

Connects MeaWallet's customers to the payment networks token service providers in order to replace cards-on-file with network tokens-on-file. This allows for secure transactions with EMV based Tokens and dynamic cryptograms instead of card data.

MMT - PCI Tokenization (Card-on-File)

For all cards that are not eligible for network tokenization, the customer can store the cards on the MMT Platform (Card-on-File) using this PCI Tokenization service.

MMT - EMV SRC (Click to Pay button) enablement

The MMT platform can function as an SRC Initiator that connects the MeaWallet customer to SRC wallets provided by the major schemes. This enables guest checkout with tokenized credentials, which simplifies way for card payments made across web and mobile sites, mobile apps and connected devices.

MMT - Value-Added Services

The platform has a set of value-added services that can enhance the service offering on the MMT Network Tokenization and MMT PCI Tokenization. The following is a list of VAS provided by the platform:

  • MMT Reports
  • MMT Card Updater
  • MMT Push Provisioning Enablement
  • MMT Automatic Card Tokenization