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The leading players in the payment industry are actively working on enhancing the e-commerce transaction experience, prioritizing seamlessness and security. They have introduced a range of innovative products and frameworks centered around e-commerce tokenization. Within this landscape, our Mea Merchant Tokenization (MMT) platform emerges as a powerful solution. By leveraging MMT, customers gain access to a comprehensive suite of tokenization capabilities, including PCI Tokenization and Network Tokenization services. This empowers them to securely tokenize any payment card, mitigating risks associated with the storage, management, and processing of sensitive card credentials.

Our solution harnesses the potential of Network Tokenization offered by major payment networks like Visa and Mastercard. Specifically, it leverages VTS for eCommerce and MDES for Merchants, granting merchants and payment service providers (PSPs) the ability to process one-time and recurring payments with tokenized Primary Account Numbers (PANs) and dynamic cryptograms. These tokens adhere to the rigorous security standards set by the EMV protocol.

To ensure comprehensive coverage, the Mea Merchant Tokenization platform also includes PCI Tokenization for Card-on-File transactions. This ensures that cards ineligible for Network Tokenization comply with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Our platform seamlessly handles the interoperability between PCI and Network Tokenization, guaranteeing a holistic solution for card tokenization regardless of the card's type or brand. Furthermore, the PCI Tokenization module can be integrated with the networks' card update services, reducing the number of expired cards stored and improving approval rates.

The service offering can be divided into three modules/areas; Network Tokenization, PCI Tokenization, Token Aggregator (see MMT Modules/Services below). The customer can choose to enable those modules/services of the platform that fits their business need and will be able to access these services through exposed APIs.

Modules and Services

MMT - Token Aggregator

We take care of all of the storage for the customer, both network tokenization & PCI tokenization, making sure that all cards get tokenized and worked on.

MMT - Network Tokenization (Token-on-File)

Connects MeaWallet's customers to the payment networks token service providers in order to replace cards-on-file with network tokens-on-file. This allows for secure transactions with EMV based Tokens and dynamic cryptograms instead of card data.

MMT - PCI Tokenization (Card-on-File)

For all cards that are not eligible for network tokenization, the customer can store the cards on the MMT Platform (Card-on-File) using this PCI Tokenization service.