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Green Path for COF/E-Commerce


Token Service ProviderVisa Token Service
Issuer decisionGreen path as APPROVED
Check Eligibility (Visa specific)Visa Token Service answer on-behalf
Token TypeCard-On-File or E-commerce as STATIC
Provisioning typeManual provisioning

Sequence diagram

Digitization Overview

Sequence steps description

1Consumer check-out at merchant and enter card data
2Merchant validate if card is eligble for digitization
3Visa Token Service validate card digitization eligibility and respond succesfully
4Merchant initiate digitization
55.1. Visa Token Service generate Token Authentication Request message and send it to the issuer through the MTP I-TSP.
5.2. MTP I-TSP send Authorize Service request to the issuer
5.3. Issuer determine tokenType as STATIC, perform basic checks and return APPROVED as response
6Visa Token Service receive issuer response through the MTP I-TSP
7Visa Token Service activates token
8Visa Token Service notify issuer that token was succesfuly activated
9Visa Token Service notify merchant that card digization was succesful