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Push Provisioning


Token service providerMastercard Digital Enablement Service
Issuer decisionGreen path as APPROVED
Token TypeBelongs to third-party wallet as CLOUD or EMBEDDED_SE
Provisioning typePush Provisioning

Sequence diagram

Digitization Overview

Sequence steps description

1Consumer securely authenticate into the issuer mobile application
2Consumer select card for digitization in issuer mobile application
3Mobile application request data for push provisioning from issuer back-end
4Issuer back-end response with data for push provisioning
5Issuer application initiate push provisioning by calling third-party wallet API
6Third-party wallet check if card is eligble for digitization
7Mastercard Digital Enablement Service validate and approve that this card account range is eligble for digitization
88.1. Mastercard Digital Enablement Service respond with T&C to the third-party wallet
8.2. Third-party wallet display T&C to the consumer
9Consumer review and accept T&C
10Third-party wallet initiate digitization process
11Issuer receive token authentication request through MTP I-TSP as Authorize Service request
12Issuer review the token authentication request and set decision as APPROVED because this is push provisioning request type
13Issuer respond on token authentication request to the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service through MTP I-TSP
14Mastercard Digital Enablement Service activate token
15Mastercard Digital Enablement Service notify issuer through MTP I-TSP about the succesful digitization process
16Mastercard Digital Enablement Service Notify wallet about succesfully completed provisioning
17Wallet display recently provisioned card to the consumer