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Customer Service API

Mea Token Platform Customer Service API allows issuer to manage the tokens during its complete lifecycle.

Detailed API Description:

V2 and V3 Customer Service API options the same use cases and issuer must expect the same results while using one or another.

V3 version is implemented for the enhanced security and recommended to be used by issuer.

Endpoint nameDescription
SearchRetrieve all tokens and their details by the mean of PAN.
Token ActivateEndpoint for token activation via API. May be used for Call Center and issuer application activation methods.
Token UpdateTo update token to account PAN mapping information or issuer product configuration ID associated to an already provisioned token.
Token SuspendTemporary disable of token.
Token UnsuspendResume of temporary disabled token.
Token DeleteIntended for permanent token disable.
Approve Device Binding (Visa Only)Approval of device binding request via API
Remove Device Binding (Visa Only)Removal of device binding for token

Options for card management are utilizing the same interfaces in the backend but repeat calls for each assigned to the card token. Issuer may select to only implement requests for card level token management.