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MeaPay is a powerful SoftPos SDK that transforms off-the-shelf phones and tablets into a contactless payment point of sale.

The MeaPay SDKs takes care of the security certifications and functional approved acceptance flow from the payment solutions, enabling the tap to pay experiences in apps – for both physical cards and digital wallets.

MeaPay will integrate with your acquiring capabilities and give you the tools you need to customize the experience you want to provide to your merchants.

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Setup A#

MeaPay overview

Setup B#

MeaPay overview


There are specific requirements for devices to use POS & PIN libraries:

  • Device processor architecture must be ARM-based.
  • Device native operating system must be Android.
  • Device must NOT be rooted.
  • Device must have at least one of the following sensors: accelerometer or gyroscope.
  • Device must be able to connect to the Internet.
  • Android version must be 8.0 (Oreo) or above.
  • Android version must have android.hardware.nfc feature.


AIDApplication Identifier
APDUApplication Protocol Data Unit
APIApplication Programming Interface
BER-TLVBasic Encoding Rules – Tag Length Value
CDCVMConsumer Device Cardholder Verification Method
FCMFirebase Cloud Messaging
HVTHigh Value Transaction
LVTLow Value Transaction
MACMessage Authentication Code
NFCNear Field Communication
OSOperating System
PANPrimary Account Number
PINPersonal Identification Number
POSPoint of Sale
SDKSoftware Development Kit