MSP User guide


MeaWallet provides Mea Service Portal (shortened MSP) – a web-based portal for managing tokens and token related services. MSP leverages the Mea Token Platform’s Customer Service API; an API that provides connectivity to the relevant APIs of Amex Token Service, eftpos TSP, Mastercard MDES and Visa VTS.

Mea Service Portal is built as a modular platform, where each user is assigned access to one or more specific applications. Examples of such applications are “Token Management“, “Reports & Statistics“, and “Admin Console“. For more information about each application, what it does and how to use it, please refer to each respective section.

General information

Portal access and login

The Mea Service Portal can be accessed through the following link: Please note that the MSP is using IP whitelisting, so you will need to connect through your organization’s network directly or through VPN.

When first entering MSP, the user will be presented a simple login dialog for users to access the portal. If you do not have a user, then please ask one of the dedicated admins in your organization, and they will be able to provide you with a user. The login requires your work email and password.

Landing page when entering Mea Service Portal. User can log in by entering a valid combination of work-email address and password


Selecting application

After having logged in, you will be on the “My Apps” page where you are presented an overview of the apps you have access to. To use one of the applications you simply click the icon or text and the application will open. If you don’t see any applications you will need to ask your organization’s administrator to assign the correct permissions to your user.

The landing page after logging in: My Apps

Using the navigation bar

Regardless of which app you are running in MSP, you will always have access to the navigation bar on the top of the page. The navigation bar will always include a dropdown menu. If you are not already on the “My Apps” page it will also include a link to this page.

The dropdown meny provides the following links:

  • Admin Console – Conditional – If your user account has admin access, this link will be shown. Clicking it will open the dashboard section of the “Admin Console“.
  • My Account – Clicking this link will open the “My Account” page, where you can see user details and update password.
  • Sign out – Clicking this will immediately sign out the user.

My account

On the “My Account” page, the user will be able to see information about their user account, such as the registered name and e-mail address, what user type (admin or user) their user in, as well as date & time for last login.

From this page, the user can also select to change password. To change the password, the user must enter their current password and a new password twice (following the listed criteria) and save by clicking the button “Update password”.

Logging out

The user can easily log out by clicking “Sign out” from the dropdown menu in the navigation bar. For additional security, the user will also be automatically logged out after some minutes of inactivity. 60 second before being automatically logged out, a warning pop-up is shown with a countdown and allowing the user to continue the session, log out immediately. If the user does nothing, she will be logged out when the timer reaches zero. 

After a time of inactivity, the user is warned about being logged out unless they choose to continue the session.
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