MPP Troubleshooting

# Issue Potential cause What to do


MPP SDK returns empty values were the values are expected (Timeout - null data)
Issues on MeaWallet's backend

Contact MeaWallet. Provide for investigation:

  • Timestamp
  • Trace ID
SDK returns: "Call to Issuer failed."

Possible reasons:

  • Card ID is wrong
  • Secret is wrong (reused or requested too often
  • get card service on issuer side is not available
  1. Check
    • Is the correct value for Card ID being used
    • Is the value for cardId from the correct environment (don't mix test and production environment cards)
    • Secret
  2. Contact MeaWallet if all checked and still fails. Provide for investigation:
    • Timestamp
    • Card ID
    • Trace ID Mobile logs

Issues with the “Add to OEM” button (button is always present no matter if the card is or not already added):

  • PAI value not provided by SDK - in case of Apple
  • TokenReferenceID not provided by SDK - in case of Google and Samsung Pays
  • Delay of data processing issuer side (e.g, first time digitization delay)
  • Issuer not returning the value
  • Wrong implementation on mobile app side

Check MeaWallet's developer portal if the implementation is done correct:

  • Apple Pay MPP iOS:
    • Caching PAI:
    • Show/Hide button logic:
  • Google Pay - TBD
  • Samsung Pay - TBD


Push provisioning flow breaks before “Terms and Conditions” screen appears

Issue with the push provisioning payload generated by Mea backend:

  • OEM Pay can not process the payload
  • Visa/Mastercard can not decrypt the payload

Contact MeaWallet for investigation and further guidance. Provide for investigation

  • Timestamp
  • Trace ID
  • PAI, TUR


Push provisioning flow brakes after “Terms and Conditions” screen appears

In this scenario Visa/Mastercard has successfully decrypted the payload and received card data. From card data they have identified correct Terms and Conditions. The failure is after that on Visa/Mastercard or on issuer side.

  1. Issuer to check if the request received. Investigate.
  2. Visa/Mastercard to check if the request received. Investigate.
  3. Contact OEM Pay.


Push provisioning flow fails after new MPP SDK version implemented

Contact MeaWallet. Provide for investigation:

  • Timestamp
  • Trace ID
  • Mobile logs

Note: New MPP SDK versions are announced in Slack channels. MPP SDK change logs:

  • iOS:
  • Android:

You receive the error:

message: Failed to retrieve Google Pay Stable Hardware Id. Failed to fetch hardware id
traceId: null
Google Pay error code: 15009

Android app is not whitelisted by Google for Google Pay payments.

App to be white-listed: Android Push Provisioning API – Whitelist your app

Note: It can take up to 24 hours until the whitelisting is updated.