MPP Overview


The Mea Push Provisioning (MPP) offers functionality through mobile SDK that permits you to do token management and push-provisioning of tokenized cards to OEM Pays and other wallets from the issuer’s Android and iOS mobile applications.

MPP provides:

Push Provisioning Backend API

Push Provisioning API is used by the issuer’s online banking site or mobile applications to push cards to different OEM Pays. Please refer to Push Provisioning API documentation.

Not necessary for mobile appications

Usage of Backend API is not necessary if Android SDK or iOS SDK is used in mobile application.

Standard provisioning flow for OEM pays

Standard provisioning flow for OEM pays, which comes after user has manually entered card data in OEM Pay application or using push provisioning (in-app provisioning).

Push Provisioning flow

Used terms

MDESMastercard Digital Enablement System
MPPMea Push Provisioning
MTMMea Token Management
OEMOriginal equipment manufacturer
PANPersonal Account Number
SRCSecure Remote Commerce
VTSVisa Token Service
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