Mea Push Provisioning

Instant issuance, instant use – full compliance

Enable end-users to add cards to digital wallets or eCommerce merchants with one-click directly through the issuer banking application and web interface. With Mea Push Provisioning (MPP), you can make sure your card is top-of-wallet in nearly all the most popular digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

In-app provisioning (Apple Pay) and push provisioning (Google Pay) are mandated requirements that can add several months and large costs to your digital wallet project. With our ready-to-implement SDKs/code libraries (MPP SDK), the functionality can be supported in a matter of hours.

Quick summary

  • Give users the ability to add their cards fast, easy and securely direct from the banking app or webpage
  • Issuers who have implemented push provisioning in their app typically experience 2–3x growth in users provisioning tokens to OEM Pays
  • Mobile SDK is implemented by the Issuer into the iOS/Android app.
  • Support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, IoT devices and merchants

How does it work?

  1. Issuer integrates MPP SDK in their app
  2. User can see a list of potential wallets in the issuer app, and select one (or more) – for example “Add to Apple Wallet”
  3. The user authenticates (e.g. with Touch ID), accepts terms & conditions and the card is added and ready to use

App-to-app provisioning

In-app provisioning of card to digital wallet (app-to-app provisioning)

App-to-web provisioning

Leveraging Visa Card Enrollment Hub (VCEH) and Mastercard Token Connect, the MPP SDK allows the user to push to a long list of token requestors such as wearable wallets (e.g. Fitbit Pay), eCommerce merchants (e.g. Netflix) or eCommerce wallets (e.g. PayPal). The list of available token requestors may vary depending on payment network, geographical region and other factors.

Push provisioning of card to eCommerce (app-to-web provisioning)

Platform support

The solution is provided by an easy-to-implement SDK for both Android and iOS platforms, ready to be embedded and used by the app developers. While Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay can only be integrated using SDKs (as they mandate the push to originate from an app on the device), it is possible to push to eCommerce merchants and others using our Push Provisioning API. By integrating MPP SDK or API developers can save time on the technical issues, and rather spend their time building awesome UI/UX.

WalletiOS SDKAndroid SDKAPI
Apple PaySupported
Not applicableNot applicable
Google PayNot applicableSupported
Not applicable
Samsung PayNot applicableSupported
Not applicable
Visa Card Enrollment HubComing soon..Coming soon..Coming soon..
Mastercard Token ConnectComing soon..Coming soon..Coming soon..
Overview of supported wallets and standards

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