Mea Card Data

Privacy, security, and convenience

For issuers and program managers who don’t issue a physical card or want to print cards without sensitive data. Mea Card Data allows the user to see full card details through the app  – keeping PCI compliance – to use for e.g., online shopping. Perfect for program managers without PCI-DSS certification.

Quick summary

  • Give users the privacy, security, and convenience they deserve, protecting their personal information and card data
  • PCI-DSS compliant solution, ready to deploy in hours
  • Support both card data as text as well as card image, suiting all needs

How does it work?

  1. Program manager embeds the provided SDK and build the desired app UI/UX
  2. The provided SDK include a method for accepting the card token/card reference value provided to the program manager from their card management system vendor
  3. The app will trigger the SDK with the relevant non-sensitive card values upon cardholder’s request, resulting in a response containing the actual card data from the  card management system

UX mockup examples

Platform support

The solution is provided by an easy-to-implement SDK for both Android and iOS platforms, ready to be embedded and used by the app developers. It can also be directly integrated through our REST-based API for web-based apps. This allows app developers to focus on building excellent app UI/UX for their users.

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