Issuer Pay gives the opportunities to enrich existing banking app with payment functionality.

  • Enables the issuer to digitize cards for use in their own mobile apps.
  • Provides a mobile payment SDK that supports Mastercard, Visa and American Express payment schemes through one integration.
  • Enhances customer experience through instant card issuing, enabling consumers to tap&pay immediately and see real-time transaction details using their mobile.

Key technical principles

  • MeaWallet Issuer Pay solution can be used for payments without the need for a Secure Element SE or a Trusted Execution Environment TEE.
  • Only limited number of payment transaction keys are downloaded to the Mobile Device. Each downloaded key can be used to perform a single transaction. Once the remaining number of keys goes below a threshold, additional keys are downloaded so that the wallet can perform new transactions.
  • Contactless transactions are performed by tapping a Mobile Device on a reader which causes an exchange of messages. On an Android Mobile Device, the operating system passes received data from a contactless reader to the HCE service (implemented in the wallet) which then passes it on to the Mea Token Platform. Response data is created by the MTP SDK and returned to the wallet HCE service implementation. This then passes the data to the reader via the Android HCE service. MTP SDK therefore entirely manages the data processing for performing the transaction while the physical data exchange with the reader is managed by the Android OS and wallet implementation.


There are specific requirements for devices to use MTP library:

  • Device processor architecture must be ARM-based.
  • Device native operating system must be Android.
  • Device must NOT be rooted. For more details see Rooted device errors.
  • Device must be able to connect to the Internet.
  • Android version must be 4.4 (KitKat) or above.
  • Android version must have android.hardware.nfc feature.
  • Android version must have android.hardware.nfc.hce feature.

MTP SDK runs Precondition checks when various SDK methods are called.

Used Terms

ACApplication Cryptogram
APIApplication Programming Interface
AETSAmerican Express Token Service
CDCVMConsumer Device Cardholder Verification Method
CMS-DCredential Management System – Dedicated
CVCCard Verification Code
CVMCardholder Verification Method
FCMFirebase Cloud Messaging
HCEHost Card Emulation
HVTHigh Value Transaction
LVTLow Value Transaction
MDESMastercard Digital Enablement System
MTPMea Token Platform
NFCNear Field Communication
OSOperating System
PANPrimary Account Number
PINPersonal Identification Number
POSPoint of Sale.
RNSRemote Notification Service
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SUKSingle Use Key
SKSession Key
SESecure Element
TEETrusted Execution Environment
TMSTransaction Management System
UMDUser and Mobile Device
URLUniform Resource Locator
WSPWallet Service Provider
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