Mastercard terminal simulator

Mea Token Platform enables to digitize MasterCard branded payment cards. To test the card interaction with a virtual point of sale terminal, MasterCard has provided a Terminal Simulator tool. It can be downloaded for free at

Terminal Simulator performs a CDA check for all EMV transactions. The CDA check will fail if the card is provisioned using a locally generated Issuer CA. To make a succesfull transaction on the Terminal Simulator, a self-signed Issuer CA Public Key must be imported into the virtual POS Terminal.

Steps for importing a custom Issuer CA Public Key:

1. Locate the file Terminal Simulator\Scripts\Reader.txt.
2. Open it with any text editor.
3. Locate the line 81:

CAPublicKeys: [ // Table 5.4


4. Paste in the next line following snippet:

    CA_Public_Key_Index: "00",
    CA_Hash_Algorithm_Indicator: "01",
    CA_Public_Key_Algorithm_Indicator: "01",
    CA_Public_Key_Modulus: "A8C600B8B2D4238E81A935FE02C9BF7A8D9BEC1851B05FF2AC9D6D5A4CC13F8682D97C1D24B12BAE5F1F569CCC60B78F83A73179900814CCBE0635DD4A59E325F5F238CDCBB545977A879785AE1AE09146700C273408B5D4616B2ED5EE040FAABE5DC3E1164866AF95CCF23C5FB08E558F2CFCAE729A397313781F791BB77AC1C999317570770742009092FC1618C9844B6212FC0BEA94F6EC95BF08100FDBCC9BAEF70AFCA3A2718224F88DFE0DC9AB",
    CA_Public_Key_Exponent: "03",
    CA_Public_Key_Checksum: "TBD"

5. Locate the line 200 and paste the same snippet.
6. Restart Terminal Simulator.