Rooted device errors

Rooted devices are not allowed to use payment card tokenization features. There are many factors that can determine if the device is treated as a rooted device.

MTP SDK returns an error if the device is rooted.


R_ROOT_TEST_KEYS244Custom ROM detected.
R_ROOT_MGM_APPS245Rooted device management app detected (Magisk, SuperSU etc.).
R_ROOT_DANG_APPS246Dangerous/forbidden app detected.
R_ROOT_CLOAK_APPS247Cloaking/forbidden app detected.
R_ROOT_BIN248su binary detected.
R_ROOT_DANG_PROPS250Forbidden ROM configuration detected.
R_ROOT_SU251su path detected.
R_ROOT_MEMORY263Modified memory detected.
R_ROOT_PROC264Forbidden running processes detected.
R_ROOT_STRINGS265Tampered security module detected.
R_ROOT_FILES284Traces of OS customization/instrumentation tools found.
R_ROOT_CONNECTION512Forbidden connections/open ports detected.
R_ROOT_STACKTRACE513Suspicious stacktrace detected.
R_ROOT_DEBUGGABLE514Debuggable application detected.
R_ROOT_BOOTLOADER606OEM unlocking enabled in Android Developer options.

Test application

Devices can be tested with Security Check – Device compliance for payments application on Google Play store.

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