Class MeaTransactionDetails

  • public class MeaTransactionDetails
    extends MeaTransactionMessage
    Object containing all historical transaction data such as - id, amount, currency, timestamp, merchant name, etc.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MeaTransactionDetails

        public MeaTransactionDetails()
    • Method Detail

      • getMerchantPostalCode

        public java.lang.String getMerchantPostalCode()
        Returns merchant postal code.
        merchant postal code value as String.
      • getInstallments

        public int getInstallments()
        Returns the number of installments for the transaction.
        installments count as int.
      • getTransactionCountryCode

        public java.lang.String getTransactionCountryCode()
        Returns transaction country code as a 3-letter (alpha-3) country code as defined in ISO 3166-1.
        transaction country code value as String.
      • getComboCardAccountType

        public com.meawallet.mtp.MeaCardAccountType getComboCardAccountType()
        Returns transaction combo card account type.
        transaction combo card account type as MeaCardAccountType enum value.