Interface MeaCardReplenishListener

  • public interface MeaCardReplenishListener
    Interface describing the various card payment tokens replenish events.

    App developers should create a local instance of this class and pass it to MeaTokenPlatform.setCardReplenishListener(MeaCardReplenishListener) to listen for events. Event callbacks are invoked on the Main / UI thread after the background computation finishes.

    • Method Detail

      • onReplenishCompleted

        void onReplenishCompleted​(@NonNull
                                  MeaCard meaCard,
                                  int numberOfPaymentTokens)
        Called when operation completed successfully.
        meaCard - The card for which replenish payment tokens has been completed.
        numberOfPaymentTokens - Number of payment tokens received.
      • onReplenishFailed

        void onReplenishFailed​(@NonNull
                               MeaCard meaCard,
                               MeaError error)
        Called when operation failed.
        meaCard - The card for which replenish has failed.
        error - Replenish failure error.