Interface MeaAuthenticationListener

  • public interface MeaAuthenticationListener
    Interface describing various cardholder verification events.

    Based on the CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method) type for the wallet, one of the callback methods will be invoked by the MTP SDK for cardholder verification.

    App developers should create a local instance of this class and pass it in MeaTokenPlatform.setAuthenticationListener(MeaAuthenticationListener) to listen for events.

    • Method Detail

      • onWalletPinRequired

        void onWalletPinRequired()
        Triggered when Wallet PIN Required from the user for the whole wallet. User is authenticated online.
      • onCardPinRequired

        void onCardPinRequired​(@NonNull
                               MeaCard card)
        Triggered when Card PIN required from the user for a specific card. User is authenticated online.
        card - The card for which PIN is required.
      • onDeviceUnlockRequired

        void onDeviceUnlockRequired()
        Triggered when Local user verification required for Device Unlock CDCVM type.
      • onFingerprintRequired

        void onFingerprintRequired()
        Triggered when Local user verification required for Biometric CDCVM type.
      • onFailure

        void onFailure​(@NonNull
                       T2 error)
        Called when operation failed.
        error - The error or error array.